Growth trajectory of companies

Growth trajectory is a quarterly feature publication of reimagine consultants in which they analyze the financial results of major companies in Pakistan to develop a pictorial comparative performance. To view the financial performance of Quarter 1 (January to March 2022)


Standard of living of Pakistani households

The Living Standards Measure or LSM is a marketing and research tool to classify Pakistani households on the basis of certain variables which have a high correlation with a household’s purchasing power and disposable income. It segments the population into twelve deciles based on their relative means, with LSM 1 being the decile with the least means and 12 being the decile with the greatest means. To read the publication

Reaching Pakistani farmers

Consultants at reimagine have developed an online community of farmers with whom they connect periodically to get insights about their practices and habits. In August 2022 reimagine consultants set about understanding what are the best means of reaching Pakistani farmers. To know the numbers